1. Select the package that’s right for you.  Are you struggling through the ups and downs of a breakup, or just generally looking to reconnect with yourself and set some intentions for moving forward?  Many elements of our coaching packages overlap, but we offer a specific 30-day program for those tough, post-breakup moments.  For those not going through a breakup, we recommend the 6-week Relationship Ready package so you can be ready to put your best foot forward and approach dating in a more mindful, intentional capacity.

2. We’ll be in touch!  Once you’ve signed up with your email and phone number, we’ll reach out to confirm the best time for you to have a video chat with one of our coaches.

3. Meet your coach and enjoy your free trial.  This 30-minute call allows your coach to get to know you and understand your relationship history and goals.  They will also ask some questions to better understand what your weekly schedule is like and how they can fit in to motivate and support you best.  Feel free to ask any questions about the process and share your concerns.

4. Sign your coaching agreement and submit payment.  When you’ve decided to move forward with one of our packages, you’ll receive a coaching agreement to sign electronically and an invoice with a link to where you can make a secure payment via Stripe.  Once we receive these two items from you, you’ll receive an email instructing you where to download the video messaging app and some exercises to prepare before your first session (depending on the coaching package).

5. Attend your first scheduled session.  This is where the work begins.  Each package includes a specific number of scheduled sessions (remote, voice or video call) which allow you to develop your goals.  Your coach will push you during these sessions to reconnect with your intentions and to understand how you may be subconsciously holding yourself back.  These sessions will be scheduled strategically to most effectively support you in your self-development process.

6. Participate in unscheduled check-ins with your coach.  Your coach will leave you recorded video messages throughout the week, guiding you through different mental exercises and keeping you focused on the intentions you’ve set.  You can also reach out to your coach anytime.  We especially recommend checking in after dates to record initial thoughts and feelings, or during moments when you may be struggling to process specific emotions.  The video messages also function as a video diary of sorts, allowing you to review your thoughts and progress along the way.  You can watch the messages as many times as you’d like and even refer back to old messages.

7. Debrief during additional scheduled sessions.  Your coach will be monitoring your progress closely throughout the coaching package and will suggest the scheduled sessions at strategic turning points.  This is the time to dig deeper and set new objectives for growth and moving forward.

8. Continue working with your coach for as long as you’d like.  You’re never under contract and there are no additional fees.  After completing a package, you’re officially part of the Pocket Coach “Club”.  We’ll work with you to extend your coaching at an affordable rate, based on the frequency of sessions and check-ins you need.  And be sure to keep an eye on emails from us, as we have even more innovative coaching services to offer!

Still have questions?  Check out some of our most common FAQs.  Or meet one of our Awesome Coaches!