What is Pocket Coach?

Pocket Coach is a one-of-a-kind dating and relationship coaching service designed to help you stay on track to discover your happiest, healthiest self.  Most dating coach services provide one-hour long sessions a couple times a month, and they don’t dig any deeper than the typical DOs & DON’Ts of dating.  Pocket Coach however, offers multiple check-ins throughout the week in addition to longer sessions in order to help you: focus consistently on making healthy relationship decisions, navigate the ups and downs of a break-up, and/or keep momentum in your dating pursuits and assess potential partners.  The ultimate goal is for you to find your happy, healthy place within yourself and a great relationship to follow!

Throughout the week your certified coach will check in with you to help guide you through self-defeating thoughts, and dig into addressing any other obstacles that remain between you and your goals.

What are the benefits of working with Pocket Coach?

Reach your goals faster.  With multiple check-ins with your coach throughout the week you’re more likely to stay on-track and focused on your relationship goals. Additionally, you can work through periods of self-doubt and feeling unmotivated before they derail you from your progress.

Increase your likelihood of success.  Consistent check-ins and recorded video diaries combined with the expertise of your certified coach as your guide, advocate and cheerleader, means you’re more likely to find happier, healthier relationships.

Get better results.  By staying motivated with your efforts and developing greater self-awareness with your coach, you’ll avoid painful mistakes and make positive life choices.

What differentiates Pocket Coach from other dating and relationship coaches?

Certified coaches.  All our coaches are certified and experienced life coaches so you can be sure you’re working with someone who has all the tools to help you succeed. 

Frequent check-ins.  Unlike other dating services that only have you complete a profile, Pocket Coach’s frequent check-ins are very personal and keep you accountable.  If you’re having a certain thought or feeling that you don’t know how to process, message your coach!  They are always there to help!  

Affordable pricing.  Many quality coaching services charge thousands of dollars per month and don’t deliver the support services they claim to.  Pocket Coach is designed to be affordable, accessible, and all our coaches are top-notch!

Who is a fit for Pocket Coach?

Pocket Coach is a great fit if you’re:

– going through a break-up

– trying to stay motivated with dating

– unsure of how to assess the potential partners you’re meeting

– have a history of unfulfilling relationships

This is only a sampling of the types of goals we can help with.  To discuss your specific dating and relationship goals with a certified coach, sign up to begin a FREE trial and learn more about how we can help.

How do the video chat sessions work?

You will use a video app to communicate with your coach.  Simply log into the app when you receive a notification that your coach has left a recorded video message.  Respond by recording your own brief video message to update your coach on the progress you’ve made and perhaps some of the things you’re struggling with.  Throughout the week depending on the coaching plan you purchased, you and your coach will keep in touch this way apart from regular sessions.  This means they’re always available to offer you support and guidance toward your goals. 

Do I have to schedule time with my coach for each check-in?

No, Pocket Coach is designed to be flexible and convenient for you.  Simply record your updates in the app when you have time.  Your coach will respond with their own recorded message that you can watch whenever your schedule permits. 

How do the regular coaching sessions get scheduled?

Our coaches always follow the energy of each individual client, and they will suggest full-length coaching sessions as they feel you are reaching key turning points in your progress.  Your coach will give you a heads-up via video messaging and you can respond and agree to a time that fits your schedule. 

What happens in the onboarding call?

The onboarding call with your coach is the time for you to discuss the goals you want to work on and what you could use support with.  Your coach will use this information to document your progress each month and to keep you on track during each of your video sessions.  You should also provide your coach with insight to your weekly schedule so that they can anticipate exactly when you might be needing some encouragement the most.

What kind of coach will I be working with? 

Our coaches are all certified and experienced in working with clients on a variety of dating and relationship goals.  We take our professionalism seriously, and all our coaches and staff abide by the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics.

What happens if I miss a video check-in session?

Our coaches guarantee a set number of video check-ins per week depending on the plan you select.  It’s your responsibility to be responsive and follow up with your coach consistently in order to get the most out of your coaching plan. 

Can I cancel my plan?

We’re in the business of treating everyone fairly and with respect.  We do not offer refunds out of respect for our coaches’ time and to ensure they are fairly compensated.  You will have the opportunity to chat with a coach and ask any specific questions prior to submitting payment.  Simply sign up for our Free Consultation.  We’re very confident you’ll love our coaches, because they really are the best!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@pocketcoachclub.com.