How can a dating & relationship coach help me improve?

Whether you’re still trying to find your dream partner or years into a long-term relationship, a coach can help you reach your full potential in this very important part of life and feel more fulfilled.

Are you…

  • Not able to maintain successful relationships?
  • Not able to meet people you’re interested in?
  • Being rejected often?
  • Wanting to communicate better in your current relationship?

First, let’s address all you singles out there!  Haven’t had much luck, huh?  Oftentimes we’re trapped in our own perspective and even though we think we’re watching for red flags and doing our best to set intentions when dating, years of relationship patterns tend to play out over and over again.  Some of us especially tend to end up in relationships where we feel like we are the only ones giving and making an effort.  You end up chasing or waiting for a partner to change, when really the change has to start from within us.

This is where Pocket Coach dating & relationship coaches steps in.  Right when your head is spinning and you’re stuck thinking about him and what you feel vs. what you think, your coach will be on hand to help you process what you’re feeling, decide what you want, and take action.  While coaching is no substitute for therapy, especially if it’s a situation involving abuse or traumatic experiences, in dealing with general dating troubles it is often more effective because it involves more frequent interaction with a coach.  You don’t have a week to sink back into old habits; your coach is by your side every day, keeping you on track, keeping you moving forward.

One of our clients said, “It’s like having a best friend, but one with deeper insights, who’s less opinionated, and who doesn’t get sick of hearing you talk about him!”

For those out dating and needing some guidance, we recommend our Goal Setter package with a couple check-ins per week.

For those ending a relationship or especially for all those “situationships” out there, we recommend a more intensive approach with our Life Lift Package.  This will help keep you on your toes and break that addiction cycle once and for all!

Now, for those already in a mostly good, healthy relationship, there are still ways a coach can help.

Maybe there are still some difficult conversations you’d like to have with your partner, maybe you’re feeling a little lost and wish the relationship had more direction, maybe you’re even losing attraction to your partner or arguing a bit more than usual.  Working with a coach can bring clarity to many situations and again, give you some specific objectives to move forward with.  For most people in this kind of scenario, we’d recommend the less-intensive Goal Setter Package.

As is always the case, Pocket Coach offers you lots of flexibility and even the ability to work on multiple goals at once.  We’ll be sure to have you feeling at your best in no time!

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