Man and woman meeting, do dating coaches work?

Thinking of getting a dating coach? You’re not alone. Singles are increasingly turning to dating coaches to help them navigate the often tricky world of dating. Whether you’re looking to better navigate the ins and outs of meeting people in person or want to start making real connections online, a dating coach can be a great resource to help increase your dating success. 

But the question is, do dating coaches really work? There are several key areas in which a dating coach can help you be more successful in your dating efforts. Keep reading to learn what you can expect from working with a dating coach. 

1. Get clarity on what you want

One of the biggest ways a dating coach can help you is by helping you get clear on what you’re looking for. Most people have some idea of what they want to get out of dating but a dating coach can help you define with more clarity the traits and characteristics that’ll make someone an ideal partner for you. This will help you be more effective on the dating scene because you’ll be better equipped to weed out people who aren’t a great fit more quickly, saving you time and increasing your chances of finding a great match. 

2. Get feedback and visibility into your dating blind spots

We all have certain expectations when it comes to dating. But we may not be aware of certain behaviors in ourselves that make us less appealing to other people. If you find that you often get ghosted, or can’t seem to maintain new connections for very long, it may be due to some behaviors that you’re not even fully aware of. A dating coach can help pinpoint some of these behaviors and blind spots and help you shift your behavior in a way that attracts and maintains more potential matches.

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3. Build your confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to dating. A dating coach can be a great help with increasing your confidence by taking you through confidence-building exercises. Also, having the support and feedback of a coach as you navigate the uncertainties of dating can help you feel more confident in your choices and behavior. Lastly, if you’re online dating, a coach can help you build your online presence and dating profile so you’re prepared to put your best foot forward into the dating scene. 

4. Work through negative thought patterns and beliefs

Many of us hold negative thought patterns and beliefs in some areas of our lives. When it comes to dating, this can hold us back from having the relationship we really desire. Your coach can help identify when you’re self-sabotaging with negative thought patterns and help you shift to a more positive mindset. With a more positive mindset and by letting go of negative beliefs, you’ll be better equipped and more open to attracting the right matches. 

5. Be held accountable to your dating goals 

If your goal is to meet the right person and get married within the next five years, you want to be sure your dating behaviors support that goal. However many people get distracted with other things on their to-do list and may not prioritize dating as much as they should. Or they slip back into old patterns of dating people who are their “type” but may not necessarily be good for them long-term. This is where your coach can help you course correct and keep focused on your ultimate goal.


In conclusion, a dating coach is an excellent resource for helping to increase your success in your dating life. By helping you to get clear on what you’re looking for, identifying and overcoming negative thought patterns and beliefs, building your confidence and helping you stick to your dating goals, a dating coach can greatly enhance your love life and help you attract more potential matches. 

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