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Do Dating Coaches Work? Here’s What to Know

Do Dating Coaches Work? Here’s What to Know

Thinking of getting a dating coach? You’re not alone. Singles are increasingly turning to dating coaches to help them navigate the often tricky world of dating. Whether you’re looking to better navigate the ins and outs of meeting people in person or want to start...

Meet Our Coaches

All our coaches are certified, which means they have the tools, training and experience to help you work through negative patterns and beliefs that are consciously or subconsciously impacting your dating life and relationships.Jessy New York, NYAndrea Denver, CO

Why Coaching for Dating & Relationships?

How can a dating & relationship coach help me improve? Whether you're still trying to find your dream partner or years into a long-term relationship, a coach can help you reach your full potential in this very important part of life and feel more fulfilled. Are...

Our Most Common FAQs

What is Pocket Coach? Pocket Coach is a one-of-a-kind dating and relationship coaching service designed to help you stay on track to discover your happiest, healthiest self.  Most dating coach services provide one-hour long sessions a couple times a month, and they...

The Pocket Coach Process

1. Select the package that's right for you.  Are you struggling through the ups and downs of a breakup, or just generally looking to reconnect with yourself and set some intentions for moving forward?  Many elements of our coaching packages overlap, but we offer a...

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