On-the-go dating coaching to build confidence and success.


Whether you’re searching for a partner,

going through a break-up, or

want to improve your online dating presence



There’s no other Dating Coach like us.



Make smarter dating decisions with on-the-go video check-ins.

Grow confidence and self-awareness with support from your certified coach.

Increase dating success with custom tips and feedback.



The journey to great relationships, simplified.

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Meet your coach and discuss your goals.
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Coaching Sessions

Strategic one-on-one sessions to work through your biggest challenges.
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On-the-Go Video Check-ins

Your coach is always there to help you reflect and remain focused on what matters.

Only the Best Fit for You.

We believe coaching is a personal process and there is no one-size-fits-all program.  In order to offer each of our clients the best support, all coaching can be extended on a monthly basis at a discounted rate.
Details will be provided during your phone consultation and onboarding session.

There’s no other Coach quite like us.

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Focused on getting you ready for happy, healthy relationships, Jessy is one of our favs! 

I had worked with two coaches prior to finding Pocket Coach, and still found myself dating the wrong kind of guys.  I would try to do the personal work, but only meeting with my coach twice per month wasn’t really holding me accountable for my day-to-day actions.  With this process you cannot fail, because you’re talking to a coach regularly.  It’s like it becomes part of your life. 

Allie, 32

New York, NY

My coach has been amazing!  She is so compassionate and always gets where I’m coming from.  We’ve worked a lot on some of my mental blocks, what is standing between me and finding a healthy relationship.  The whole process of working with Pocket Coach has been outstanding, and I’m always telling my friends they should try it!

Jamie, 28

Washington, DC

Pocket Coach made the process of breaking up with my ex much easier.  I’ve really enjoyed the daily interaction with my coach.  She always has words of encouragement right when I need it most.  And more importantly, she keeps me focused on myself, which is something I’ve always struggled with.

Dillon, 39

Santa Fe, NM

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Pocket Coach is your go-to source for online dating coaching.

Struggling to move on from a breakup? Looking to have more success in your dating efforts? Want to feel more confident in your online dating profiles and presence? Your Pocket Coach dating consultant can help. 

Most people think of a dating coach as someone to check-in with a couple times a month for relationship and dating guidance. While this is often the case, it’s not the most effective coaching method for everyone. That’s because run-of-the-mill dating coaching doesn’t provide on-the-go check-ins that help you navigate the day-to-day dynamics of dating.

Pocket Coach is designed for men and women who want dating guidance and advice throughout the week to help them stay on track. Frequent video check-ins give you the opportunity to touch base with your coach for in-the-moment guidance, feedback, and accountability. These check-ins are your opportunity to give an update on your current situation and talk through any struggles or roadblocks you’re experiencing. Are you getting ghosted constantly? Not getting as many in-person dates as you’d like? Generally not feeling very confident in dating? Your online dating coach will provide feedback, guidance, and exercises designed to boost your confidence, increase self-love, and create new dating behaviors that improve your success.  

All our relationship coaches are certified, which means they have the tools, training and experience to help you work through negative patterns and beliefs that are consciously or subconsciously impacting your dating life and relationships. By working with your online dating coach to identify negative patterns and create new, positive ones in their place, you’re better positioned to attract a healthy, loving relationship into your life.